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Every year, 12th of May is celebrated as the International Nurses Day
A day to take time to reflect, celebrate and to be grateful for all the amazing work Nurses do everyday to protect health,
prevent avoidable illness and promote wellbeing and resilience of the public.
During such tough times when everyone has been confined within the boundaries of their respective houses
due to the global ongoing pandemic COVID-19, lack of productive activities
and reduced connectivity with friends have led to mental stress and boredom among many.
To grapple with this, NSS brings to you all ‘FLARE’ initiating on the auspicious occasion of International Nurses Day,
An intriguing series of online competitions to make this time productive, informative and exciting.
This year, through ‘FLARE’, we are organizing online competitions (Artistic Impact) and social hackathons
Targeting schools and colleges all across the country from 12th May 2020 to 20th May 2020.
The competitions will include painting, photography, writing , doodling etc. .

Themes of Flare 2020

Earth after Corona
Back to Basics
Musings in quarantine
Not all Heros wear capes

Themes Highlights
Earth After Corona

Where we will be after this pandemic ends? Wonder what the future holds for our loved ones? For vulnerable friends and relatives? There are a number of tenable futures, all hooked into how society and governments acknowledge coronavirus. How will the drivers of economy i.e global supply chains, wages and productivity revive? What's perfectly possible and what's not desirable? How life evolves and remould itself to resist such a crisis again in the future. What all changes yet important will be adapted to our day to day life.

Back TO Basics

When we appreciate what we have, we feel to yearn it down, get back to basics, and learn what are requisites for our happiness. Time to reinstall those core values, to self-discipline and acclaim the law, to think for others, to tackle responsibility for yourself and your family, and not shuffling it off on other people and the state. Riding a bicycle is not only good for the waistline but also good for the wallet, it's what revisits the basics. In times of life crisis, like corona, the primary thing we do is getting back to basics... eating right, getting enough sleep, getting some physical and mental exercise on a daily basis.

Not All Heros Wear Capes

Lakhs and lakhs of individuals behind the curtain are working tirelessly at the forefront to save lots of us in such a crucial time of coronavirus. They have been selflessly helping others day and night, without caring themselves. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, pilots, railway staff, and rubbish collectors, are a unit coping with grave odds a day. Whereas the municipal and sanitization workers working hard to neutralize the effect of the deadly virus in hazardous conditions. What all this depicts us is that the definition of the hero must be broadened. Heroes like them are far from limelight and coverage yet working for the betterment of humanity. What all they need is the appraisal and a token of appreciation.

Musings In Quarantine

Like most folks, we have barely left the house for some time now. Two weeks, or three? Honestly, time could be a blur, and we have no idea anymore. Though the coronavirus has not yet confined us to our homes, it has had the effect of reducing the “distractions” in our standard of living. It made us associate ourselves with the diversions and distractions and carved out in different forms. It transformed our general perspective to think with a range of thoughts leading the way. Some record in a paper, some on the phone, and some through vivid arts establishing a permanent place in our life in quarantine.

Competitions Highlights

During these testing times, have you ever tried to let your creative side take over? Grabbing hold of a pencil and “doodling” your thoughts out? Socioodle gives you the opportunity to not just fulfill this desire of yours, but also to do your bit towards a better world for everyone. Pluck out one of our themes that invokes the artist in you, and let your doodles do the talking!


The elders have defined Utopia as they see it in their mind's eye; now it's our responsibility to innovate new techniques to pave our path towards it, and this is the time all of us can use to ponder over this! Express your vision to attain a healthy, cheerful world; ponder upon various ways to tackle the problems faced by us in these times; and appreciate all those putting in their efforts to aid us. Concatenate your thoughts, (th)Ink them out!

Click For Change

We are the generation of fast-paced lifestyles. There is so much to do and little time to do them. Amidst all this chaos, have you come across an instance that made you hit a pause button and think a little beyond yourself? If so, were you able to focus your lens and take that snap which would make others think too? Since that is what NSS is about, we give you an opportunity to share those moments!

Social Canvas

All of us are noticing some unique problems faced by the society at this time. Social Canvas gives you the chance to use your drawing and painting skills to depict one of these social complications, or the solution to it. You could pick up any one of the social issues prevalent today, which you feel is significant especially now, and draw about it‘s manifestation, consequences or a solution to uproot it from society. Don‘t lose this opportunity to give people a message using your artistic side!!

School Competitions

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College Competitions

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