"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

NSS IITB has come a long way in establishing itself as the largest student-volunteer body in the institute. The growth NSS has seen over the past few years has been phenomenal. This can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of several of our past teams.

Year 2018-19

This year has been tremendously successful for NSS, IITB with a plethora of new initiatives and activities taken up. Starting from merging of Events and Vikas to Sustainable Social Development, many other dynamic changes were made and all the challenges were successfully tackled by the Core Team. Collaboration with Udaan, Campus School, Nalanda Project, initiating Teach Me program, Abhinay - The Socio-Cultural evening of NSS IITB, A Sapling a Wing program, Greenopedia portal, the Zero Waste Week and Zero Waste GC, Tarang - YouTube channel for Sustainability, Field Visits for Smart Irrigation, NSS Times, New Instagram page, ‘Parivartan - A step towards Sustainability' and ‘Jigyasa - A quest to learn' blogs and of course the new website are some of the highlights of the year 2018-19.

Year 2017-18

All NSS Meet was a first attempt to unite NSS units in Mumbai so as to work together for the welfare of the society through collaborative efforts, was one of the biggest success of this team. Neem school, laying the foundation of Greenopedia, Nursery for All, Coconut Plantation, Eco-friendly Diwali, Nature Walk, BMC school visits, Meals of Content, World Menstrual Hygiene Day Awareness drive, NSS Room Renovation and painting were the noteworthy initiatives started in 2017-18.

Year 2016-17

This was the year of highest growth in the history of NSS and laid a strong foundation for bringing up new initiatives of NSS and strengthened our social media reach manifolds. Prakriti - A forum for discussions pertaining Nature, Hostel plantations, Biodiversity mapping, Letters of Love Campaign, Demonetisation Awareness Drive, Tarang Initiative, Scaled up CCC, Voice For Purpose - YouTube channel to assist visually impaired in reading novels and story-books, Butterfly Garden were some of the major initiatives of the year 2016-17. The Artistic Impact - A Nationwide Socio-Art competition was started this very year providing a platform for thousands of students across the nation to unleash creativity in realising and solving social problems through Art.

Year 2015-16

This was the year of establishment of Open Learning Initiative which today has become the biggest success of NSS having whooping 92,000+ subscribers and 7.2M+ views on YouTube. This was also the year when GC acquired its own nursery after efforts by several generations of teams. NSS Memoirs, Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds, Friendship day with PHO workers, Aadhaar Card Registration Camp, Gender and Sexuality Awareness session were other major initiatives which saw excellent participation of campus residents. The National Defence Day campaign was appreciated by the Official Facebook page of Indian Army and covered by several national Media outlets.

Year 2014-15

This was the year when NSS visibly entered the rapid growth phase. New initiatives thrived, notable among which are Muskaan and Prayog under EO which are today considered among the flagship initiatives of the department, Buddy Program under Events for reaching out to the construction workers of the campus, Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan and Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan under Vikas. Some institute level activities like Invisible Humans of IIT Bombay became an instant hit among the campus residents. Events like blood donation camps witnessed institute-wide participation. Teachers' day celebration, Health Camp for Construction Workers, Jammu & Kashmir (Flood) Relief Donations of Rs.2L+ and 2500 Kgs of clothes, Disability Awareness were some of the other important initiatives taken up in the year 14-15.

Year 2013-14

This year witnessed the first ever All - NSS trip. Volunteers to OCs visited Yusuf Meheralli Center, a self-sufficient centre which hosted several small scale industries for meeting its day to day needs. Volunteers interacted with locals there and learnt about their way of life. Apart from this, there were several other important initiatives taken up this year, notable among which are Disability Access Audit of the campus, Scientific Toy Making session, One Sided paper collection drive. Several interactive sessions were conducted by eminent social workers like Mr Ani Rajvanshi (Director, NARI) and Mr Ashok Kalbag from Vigyan Ashram, for the volunteers.