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Who are we?

National Service Scheme, IIT Bombay, being the largest student volunteer body, is the most active and perseverent organization in the campus in the field of social/community service. We provide opportunities to students to contribute their bit in the welfare of the society. NSS has departments spanning all avenues of community service right from educating the underprivileged to innovating solutions to social problems using technology.

Spreading happiness through community service has been one of the primary objectives of NSS. With innovative activities across the departments catering to all classes of the campus residents, we try to create small, happy and memorable moments in their lives. And working in NSS itself has been one of the prime sources of happiness for the people associated with us.

What do we do?

We aim to bring about a positive change in the society with focus on Education and Development of the underprivileged, conserving Nature and sowing the seeds of Sustainability. More than 350 volunteers guided by a team of 40 members carry out several initiatives throughout the year. We also work in close collaboration with several NGOs and Governmental bodies for reaching out to more and more beneficiaries.

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Tackling Emergencies

Knowing how to handle an emergency situation is necessary to save a life. Just knowing about the basics of first aid, fractures and pumping is far better than just being helpless. So, we at NSS, IIT Bombay conducted a session on tacling emergencies

Letters of Love

We organised a photo-booth for Letters of Love to send new year wishes to the refugee kids in Syria. We saw nearly 500+ people sharing their messages for the kids in Syria.

The Artistic Impact

Artistic impact is the pan-India socio-art competition which encourages Gen-Y to develop deeper insights into the social issues seen in today's world and to express them on paper using their creativity, to either highlight the social problem or to provide solution for one.

Tarang-A Wave to Sustainable Minds

Sustainability can not only be achieved via huge workforce and real hard work, but also through small daily life practices that can be followed without having a significant effect on our lifestyle. Inspired by this, we decided to create a channel which contains simple, yet engaging videos to address the issues and practices

Greenopedia and Biodiversity Mapping

Our volunteers made this small effort to map the trees along the main road and name them! They covered 2000+ trees, providing interesting trivia with basic facts. This activity received lot of media attention as well. Supporting the mapping is Greenopedia

Voice For Purpose

The next educational portal of NSS IIT Bombay is here, this one catering to blind people. Voice For Purpose, wherein we upload audio books of various popular novels and stories. Visit the Channel to know more

Eco Friendly Ganesha

The consistent endeavour of NSS IIT Bombay to bring about ecological prosperity with Eco Ganesha, using 100% natural components, to care for the nature that nurtures us. The workshop is intended to motivate use of ecofriendly stuffs in daily life, starting from Mumbai's worshiped Ganesha Idols.

Field Visit

We organized a skit and a demonstration to highlight how over irrigation and unregulated traditional methods of irrigation leads to low crop yield, pollution of groundwater resources, and how use of innovative technology can solve such issues.

Graduation Collection Drive

"Happiness comes in byte-sized pieces, some small, some large. It infects one person, and spreads like a ripple, till it becomes an epidemic. We rise by lifting others."
NSS IIT Bombay continues its struggle to give more meaning to someone's graduation and to someone's need.


We teach the kids of construction workers from the labor camp and are grateful to our volunteers for sparking this 'UMEED' in these young hearts.


Whenever there's been fusion between science and nature, the product has always been amazing. Permaculture is one such thing where the agriculture is just made more fruitful not by chemicals but by utilising the elements of natur itself, be it the sun, or wind, or soil.

The Wild Side
of IIT-Bombay

We had a "TALK". The study, led by Dr Quadros alongwith WWF (World Wildlife Fund), continues to be relevant to this day as the sole source of information on the flora and fauna of the campus.

Moong Over

We had a talk in "FLARE". Mr. Venkateshwaran Iyer was a speaker at TEDx. Dharavi in 2019 and the author of the book 'Moong Over Microchips' which is about his transition from a techie to a farmer.

100K subscribers

'𝗞𝗻𝗼𝘄𝗹𝗲𝗱𝗴𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗟𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗴𝗲' Four years ago, with this motto we started our online initiative named Open Learning Initiative: a YouTube channel. We are adding another feather in our cap by reaching a grand number of 100,000 subscribers.
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